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Engineering aspects of FlowNMR spectroscopy setups for online analysis of solution-phase processes

Reaction Chemistry and Engineering

Engineering aspects of FlowNMR spectroscopy setups for online analysis of solution-phase processes

Asad Saib, Alejandro Bara-Estaún, Owen J. Harper, Daniel B. G. Berry, Isabel A. Thomlinson, Rachael Broomfield-Tagg, John P. Lowe, Catherine L. Lyall and Ulrich Hintermair


2019 ACSCatal cover Kinetics of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation FlowNMR spectroscopy

ACS Catalysis

Kinetics of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation, Catalyst Deactivation, and Inhibition with Noyori Complexes As Revealed by Real-Time High-Resolution FlowNMR Spectroscopy

Andrew M. R. Hall, Peilong Dong, Anna Codina, John P. Lowe and Ulrich Hintermair

Dalton Trans 2019 paper Synthesis of organometallic pentalenide complexes

Dalton Transactions

Synthesis of organometallic pentalenide complexes

Faraday Discussions 2019 abstract

Insight into catalyst speciation and hydrogen co-evolution during enantioselective formic acid-driven transfer hydrogenation with bifunctional ruthenium complexes from multi-technique operando reaction monitoring

Daniel B. G. Berry, Anna Codina, Ian Clegg, Catherine L. Lyall, John P. Lowe and Ulrich Hintermair

Faraday Discussions


Chem Communications 2018 cover

Chemical Communications

Online monitoring of a photocatalytic reaction by real-time high resolution FlowNMR spectroscopy

Andrew M. R. Hall, Rachael Broomfield-Tagg, Matthew Camilleri, David R. Carbery, Anna Codina, David T. E. Whittaker, Steven Coombes, John P. Lowe and Ulrich Hintermair


2017 Sustainable Chemistry paper

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

Controlled Formation of Hierarchical Metal–Organic Frameworks Using CO2-Expanded Solvent Systems

Huan V. Doan, Yanan Fang, Bingqing Yao, Zhili Dong, Timothy J. White, Asel Sartbaeva, Ulrich Hintermair,and Valeska P. Ting

2017 Organometallics paper


Ligand Tuning in Pyridine-Alkoxide Ligated Cp*IrIII Oxidation Catalysts

Emma V. Sackville, Gabriele Kociok-Köhn and Ulrich Hintermair


Catalysis science and technology 2016 cover

Practical aspects of real-time reaction monitoring using multi-nuclear high resolution FlowNMR spectroscopy

Andrew M. R. Hall, Jonathan C. Chouler, Anna Codina, Peter T. Gierth, John P. Lowe and Ulrich Hintermair

Catalysis Science & Technology

Chem communications 2016 paper

Chemical Communications

Mixed-linker approach in designing porous zirconium-based metal–organic frameworks with high hydrogen storage capacity

Ayesha Naeem, Valeska P. Ting, Ulrich Hintermair, Mi Tian, Richard Telford, Saaiba Halim, Harriott Nowell, Małgorzata Hołynska, Simon J. Teat, Ian J. Scowen and Sanjit Nayak

Journal of Physical Chemistry 2016 paper

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Kinetics versus Charge Separation: Improving the Activity of Stoichiometric and Non-Stoichiometric Hematite Photoanodes Using a Molecular Iridium Water Oxidation Catalyst

Jonathon W. Moir, Emma V. Sackville, Ulrich Hintermair and Geoffrey A. Ozin


Philosophical Transactions A 2015 paper

Philosophical Transactions A

Unlocking the potential of supported liquid phase catalysts with supercritical fluids: low temperature continuous flow catalysis with integrated product separation

Giancarlo Franciò, Ulrich Hintermair and Walter Leitner

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